Based on your answers, you can expect to have about 18% to 22% of your tax debt forgiven.

That means if you owe $0, you could save:

$0 - $0

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of Back Tax Debt Processed


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Average Savings on Tax Debt


of Back Tax Debts Processed


Americans Helped Since 2008


Average Client Savings on Tax Debt
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Average Client Savings of 41% (1-in-3 save over 97%)

Instantly save $10,000s on what the IRS says you owe. 1-in-3 client qualify for a special program that eliminates up to 97% of their tax debts.

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See results before having to pay a penny. We have a limited number of free 14 day trials available each month – first come, first served.

Reasonable Flat Fee with Payment Plans Available

We charge a reasonable fee, based on the complexity of your case, and will work with you on a payment plan you can afford.

How it Works:


Take the 59sec Tax Savings Calculator

59 Seconds – take our no-obligation tax savings calculator to find out:

  1. How much you can legally avoid paying

  2. Which IRS programs you qualify for

  3. Exactly what to do next


Free Initial Consultation & Financial Analysis

About 15 Minutes – We will go through your entire financial situation, step-by-step and see what programs you qualify for, determine how we can help, and answer any questions that you may have.


Free 14 Day Trial of Unlimited Tax Relief Work

14 Days – We get to work right away, and put a 60 day IRS collections hold on your account, remove all wage garnishments and levies within 24 hours, and pull your tax transcripts from the IRS to find out what you ACTUALLY owe (so they can’t jerk you around).


(Optional) Fight the IRS to Reduce Your Tax Debt By 97%

1-4 Months – After the 14 days, if you’re satisfied with our work, we’ll continue fighting the IRS on your behalf for a one-time fee, agreed upon before any work starts. This process can take 1 week, or up to 4 months, depending on your individual situation. We will fight until your problems are cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Relief

Will the IRS really forgive my tax debt?
Yes! It’s a common misconception that the IRS does not negotiate with people who owe back tax debt. It’s their job to collect what they can, and they’ll gladly take some instead of none. There are a few specific IRS programs that can have huge amounts of back tax debts forgiven, depending on your individual situation.
How much will I still have to pay?
That all depends on your specific circumstances. On average for our clients, we reduce the amount owed in back taxes by about 41% on average. But in some cases, up to 97% or more gets forgiven, leaving our client only having to pay 3% or less than what they originally owed. For many, that’s a savings of $100,000s, and they only are left having to pay $100s or $1,000s. We’ll need to know a lot more about your specific situation before giving a good estimate on how much you can actually save.
What happens if I don’t take care of this?
The longer you put off dealing with tax debts, the more penalties and interest charges the IRS adds on. By not filing multiple years, they actually submit substitute returns for you, but do not include any deductions or write-offs, so your tax bill is multiple times higher than what it should be. When that happens for a few years, plus they add on interest and penalty charges, you can literally be paying 2x to 4x more than you actually have to. The sooner the better for taking care of it.
Which IRS programs will I qualify for?
That will all depend on your specific situation. There are dozens of potential programs that you can qualify for in order to reduce the amount you owe in back taxes. A no-obligation, 15-minute consultation with one of our tax experts can easily help give you the best info you need to move forward. Then you can decide to work with us, or go a different direction in getting it handled.

Our Company and Services

Are you a scam?
Nope! We’ve been proudly family-owned since 2008, and have maintained a BBB A+ rating since then. We proudly stand behind the work we’ve done for our 12,000+ customers, and aren’t afraid to show our faces because of it. If we were a scam, there is no way we could have been in business this long.
How do I know I can trust you?
You can trust us because 12,000+ other Americans have trusted and benefited greatly from our services. We’ve maintained 5 star ratings across the board, and a BBB A+ rating to show for it. But don’t take their word for it – ask about our 14 Day Free Trial and see for yourself. You’ll be able to see real results from our work for over 2 weeks, before you have to pay a single penny.
How much do you charge?
We fall in the lower middle range for pricing compared to the rest of the industry. We don’t keep bloated overhead, so can pass those savings on to you. We always charge a flat fee for services, that depend on the complexity and amount of work that goes into your case. Generally if you owe more, and have more unfiled years, that cost will go up.
What if I’m not happy with your service?
If you’re not happy with our services, we offer a full, 100% satisfaction guarantee refund. Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to make it right.